Aerial filming

Airfilms Productions is dedicated to producing the highest standards in aerial cinematography for the international market. Years of experience and co-operation has resulted in our development of safe platforms with top end performance. Read more

LIVE broadcasting

Producing live aerial footage is the most challenging part of remotely controlled
 aerial imaging services. We have significant experience in this particular sector and offer a complete Plug-and-Play low-cost solution. Read more

Full certified company

Airfilms Productions is EURO USC BNUC -s class I certified. When hiring a company that offers you services, it is vital to be sure that your partner is property certified in order to conform to health & safety requirements worldwide. Read more

Plug and play solution

Airfilms Productions offers a complete package that delivers a full HD H264 video signal seamlessly into any broadcast environment with very low latency. We have Cobham Tactical HD Broadcast equipment in house. Read more


Aerial video for cinema


HD aerial live broadcasting


Aerial video for commercials


Aerial corporate video

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Aerial broadcasting and filming solutions

Airfilms Productions uses in house developed and built Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, providing reliable and safe solutions for aerial imagery. We are specialised in aerial broadcasting, top end cinema solutions and aerial photography.

Our fleet is equipped with professional 3 axis gyro stabilized camera gimbals. This provides our operators and pilots limitless possibilities.

The systems are all equipped with safety features such as low voltage protections, auto landing, auto take off and return to home. If necessary, they can be completely GPS guided and fully autonomous.

The aircrafts have a redundant power supply on board and and extra safety feature with back up power of the flight control system.

Airfilms Productions is a fully EuroUSC, BNUC-s Class I certified company. Read more

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